Shine… you can shine!

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Inspiring story on Pachelbel’s Canon 🙂 Enjoy



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🙂 Happy birthday to me! 🙂

New beggining

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 Ever since I know myself mornings are very special . I am happy and joyful even if I died of sorrow the night before. Every morning it’s a new beginning 🙂 and in the evening is just as ” Every new beginning comes from other beginning’s end”(Seneca) “what we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from” (T.S.Eliot) . Beginnings are so enthusiastic, energetic, fresh, powerful. I clean my soul at night and start over in the morning. I love both the sunrise and the sunset, both sunshine and moonlight . It’s a new beginning!

Memories of a broken love

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It’s been a while… Sometimes this is a good thing. Like now. I keep printed on my skin every single kiss I ever recieved since I was a baby. I have scarces, as you know, from many people and many places. Most of the wounds are now closed and only a shadow reminds me of those experiences. I’m happy to be this far 🙂  And…I don’t think you have the slightest idea what you have done. You made a deep painfull inside out tatoo on my milklike skin. This tatoo covered some wonderful marks, some of them not even left by you… I know … you saw my wings. I allowed it. I even took you up into the sky to see the unicorns, angels, fairies, butterflies, my stars: alnitak, alnilam, mintaka- and you even wrote about me and them… And you loved all that! It was such an experience that you just couldn’t keep it for yourself. You shared it talking about all my inner world, about my true nature. You longed so much for it. You dreamed about it so long… I felt safe because you said you won’t broke a thing and I can rely on you ” NO MATTER WHAT” because”nothing else matters”, and you…cut every night a piece of feather in order to prove how special you are, but you were special just for who you are, not for what you’ve got… I asked you million of times why do I feel uncomplete, what is wrong, but you said it’s all my imagination and it’s from my scarces. “Everything is great”, you said, and all that counts is that I am the one and only and you love me “for ever and ever and ever forever” while working at your unique tatoo… Now your masterpiece is ready for a while and your party to this betrayed you as soon as you returned to me, but… i’m sorry. I felt the tatoo, I saw every part of it, every missing part in my wings and when I offered you all it was just one condition – not to break what doesn’t belong to you. I will never understand why you did it, but I try not to judge because I know you lie yourself every day until you convince yourself and others that what you have done it’s ok and your life is better now. All I know now is that it’s harder then ever for me to trust another but evenually this tatoo will be just a shadow and I will just live with it 🙂 I’m already flying again 🙂 P.S. In eleven from now I will no longer have ” veintisĂ©is”

Ma saruta noaptea pe rani prea vechi si le coase cu raze de luna. Dimineata-mi va vedea sufletul sfasiat. Ma dor florile de Mai si fulgii de zapada si fluturii de-o zi… ma dor.

People… and people

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Povestea ochilor si povestea celor de dau si a celor ce primesc 🙂 exact ca in viata…

A fost odata o femeie oarba care se ura pe ea insasi, din cauza ca era oarba. Ea ura pe toata lumea, cu exceptia prietenului ei iubitor. El era intotdeauna gata sa o ajute.

Intr-o zi, i-a spus :
“Daca as putea sa vad lumea, eu m-as casatori cu tine.”

Intr-o zi cineva i-a donat o pereche de ochi. Cand bandajele au fostdate jos, ea a putut sa vada totul, inclusiv pe prietenul ei.

El a intrebat-o:
“Acum, ca tu poti vedea lumea, te casatoresti cu mine?”

Fata s-a uitat la el si a vazut ca este orb. Numai vazand ochii lui inchisi a socat-o. Ea nu se astepta la asta. Gandul ca trebuie sa se uite la ochii lui inchisi toata viata, a facut-o sa-l refuze.

Prietenul ei a plecat si a daua zi ea a primit un bilet pe care era scris:
“Sa ai grija de ochii tai, draga mea, pentru ca inainte sa fie ai tai, au fost ai mei!”

si inca o poveste asemanatoare…

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